“The Co-Operative Sector Should Expand Its Horizon, Thinking Beyond the Profit and Bringing About Qualitative Change in the Society”.

Introducing ourselves, Janamaitheri Agriculture Co-Operative Society Ltd., . Registered as a multi-state co-operative Society Under Section 7 of the MSCS Act 2002 in Govt. Of India, Minister of Agriculture, Department of agriculture and co-operation & farmer’s welfare, New Delhi. Our work premises located at Thanima Daily Building,Trivandrum, Kerala. Registered on 16/08/2022 until today we serve with agricultural association, agricultural federation, organic farming association, agriculture farmer producer organization and agricultural service centre in all over Kerala and Tamil Nadu . And we are giving the farmers a reasonable price for their agricultural products. We have 300 registered members, 30 employed staff and we have a direct marketing team in all over Kerala, who carry out all the activities. Our society journey also continues in the field of sericulture and technologically we are supporting the people with E-Commerce for Grocery Items.

Janamaitheri Agriculture Co-Operative Society Ltd providing Agricultural and farming services with adequate information, consulting, equipment, and supplies to the farmers, agriculture marketing and providing adequate storage facilities. We purchase their products at the reasonable price and supplying quality organic products to the consumers, traders at the lowest best price.